Well......this is what I call......the summerstart-month.

I have now worked for about 5 month at my new company
MAN LAST og BUSS AS, the MAN distributor in Norway.

I really don't miss the jobb at Bertel O. Steen AS
where i've worked for 21 years.

I had the opportunity to join the intro of the
new MAN truck and to meet many of
the people who works in the org.
Furthermore I have the feeling that there's established a
good relationship between me and my contacts at the MAN company.
There are  nice guy's (oooops...and women)who help me out when it comes to
resolving probs. I may present a few of them......
Mr. Altmetz (tech.dpt.) works in Salzgitter (busses)
Mr. Aust and Mr. Klisa, both doin' the spareparts for trucks in Dachau.
Mrs. Schindler and Mrs. Freitag (admin & org. in Dachau)
I actually had the opport. getting to "see" them
as they visited us in Norway i April 2000. They were pretty nice and
i handled them a present each ....Ersatzteilbestelche...and i guess you will
never find out what it is unless asking ;-))

Last week I realy got known with a guy from MAN....His name is Detlef Loos ....hi Detlef.!!....
and he instructed me in using MANTIS, a computer aided sparepart-list, and some other
jobb related things.....but....poor Detlef got himselv a tooth-ache and i was a bit disappointed
that he couldn't visit me and Liv at our place, 'couse I think we came along very well :-(((((

That's the report for this month !