Well....summer '99 Egil and me had a short ride on our bikes, and then i happened...uuhhhh.
While starting the clutch grip sliped and suddenly i found
myselv on the ground and thought:
"There's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over!".....
Anyway they had to d some surgery on my right hand and it had to be plastered.
That's the start of "destruction period"....which, in many ways,
turned out to be a constructive period too.....heheheehe...
The worst thing was this huge right hand which didn't like the acc.control and the frontbrake handle.....
So these pages are made in order to give you an impression what i've done to survive
during the destruction period......iow...not able BSA'ing :-((((((((.

...........thats my beauty.........We had to do some surgery on her too.......
Since I have my right hand plastered the front brake handle
and the acc. control were a prob to me.
I lost the grip :-(((((( BUT:

Some bottles of RED-WINE and deeeeep......
thinking gave the following solution:

U  may choose one of the available pics to get the idea:

The bike AND the car

the man who raped her

the way it was done
Actually the modification ended up by fitting a door hinge to the right footrest
and connecting it with the carb by a wire......and the front brake got
another wire (shown here as acc.control) so i could "park-brake" her while
resting both feet on the ground.
And i can ashure u that it worked....i ride her for 2.700 km from Oslo
to Krefeld, Germany (thats were my parents live) and back.